Epic Retro


MIxed & produced by Stephen Campbell, Louay Zoghaib.
Additional drums by Andrew Shemmeld.
Bass & 12 string & electric guitar on Age of Reason - Tom Demetriou.
Additional background vocals: Ange Strickland, Stephen Campbell.
Drums on ‘Missing you’: Paul Richards
Mastering by Stephen Campbell

Good times come to an end mastered by Jack the Bear
Deluxe mastering

All Rights Reserved.

'we’ve got plenty of choices of things to do online. We have millions of videos, blogs posts, and news stories that we will never have the chance to see. There is no shortage of content online. What there is a shortage of now is attention. In this day and age of viral videos and funny cat memes, it is still that one-on-one connection that we all seek.

Your attention (and a kind word or two) is the most valuable thing you can offer to someone online.’