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Chasing Whispers and searching through fragments of reality at the age of reason. Shining a bit of love light, whatever that means, even if it is lost and not reflected vast ocean of networks in the web and to those who steal away......
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Mainly acoustic material.
Quality may vary….


Not that this particular coach was even on time..scheduled at 11am and arriving at 12, this was the ‘economy’ way out of Vegas back to L.A, California. With its allocated seating and absence of functional air con, some of us could already tell this is gonna be a long tedious ride. No TV either. 

Around one hour into the trip, a red indicator lit up on the dashboard like a firecracker during the 4th of July celebration, and apparently it wasn’t low fuel..how could that be possible? Dadadanger, Will Robinson! This bus was only coming from Mexico..Can you spell..sssstranded ? There was some ghetto crew with their families and a future convict in the back of the bus that weren’t too impressed. No guns were fired. As you’d expect no one was too happy to sit and wait. What are folks gonna eat in the next 4 to 5 hours while we wait for a replacement bus. Cactus ?

Driver spoke Spanish but even a fool could understand that this bus was toast! Police arrived about 10 minutes later and tells everyone to calm down, and to sit tight…and to the driver, to keep the people on the bus…Why ? Hell no the mob will not obey..so as soon as the police leaves everyone gets the F@$k out of the bus in a stampede..What is there to do !? Desert jam, with freestyle rapping. What happens next ? There was a light at the end of that tunnel…. To be continued….imageimage


They love you when you’re on the TV screen.
Forget you when you’re struggling,
Adore you when you’re beautiful,
And scorn you when you’re ugly.

And when you’re full of cash & pride.
A hero of the moment.
Desired company for even those
Who laughed at you when times were hard?
And cut…

Unmastered recording

Rough draft
demo #Melbourne #Original #Songs #Brunswick #Acoustic

'we’ve got plenty of choices of things to do online. We have millions of videos, blogs posts, and news stories that we will never have the chance to see. There is no shortage of content online. What there is a shortage of now is attention. In this day and age of viral videos and funny cat memes, it is still that one-on-one connection that we all seek.

Your attention (and a kind word or two) is the most valuable thing you can offer to someone online.’

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